Who is Interapt and what is TEKY?

Interapt is an award-winning technology development firm that was founded right here in Kentucky.

We build cutting-edge mobile and wearable solutions that support operational workflow in healthcare, manufacturing, and large employers (500+ employees in multiple locations). We are committed to delivering solutions with advanced programming, seamless design, and intuitive user experience.

We are now expanding operations and establishing an internship program through TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY), because we believe we can find the programming talent here and, in conjunction with efforts by other tech businesses in the region such as Bit Source, Mountain Tech Media, Mill Creek Software, and Vizadoc, foster a successful, thriving high-tech ecosystem in the region.

Who are the partners involved in the Interapt internship program through TEKY?

  • EKCEP (Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc.) is providing funding, primarily through two Coal Mining and Community Impact National Emergency Grants, and integration into the federal workforce development system through its various initiatives and the Kentucky Career Center JobSight regional workforce network. EKCEP also leads Eastern Kentucky’s designation as a TechHire Community in the national TechHire initiative launched in 2015 by the White House. TechHire’s mission is to create pathways to accelerated training leading to employment in middle- to high-skill IT jobs to address the growing national shortage of IT workers. To learn more about TechHire, visit www.techhire.org.
  • Big Sandy Community & Technical College will be the site of our internship  program’s inaugural class.
  • Eleven Fifty is our curriculum partner.  They will also provide our initial instructors and internship leaders.
  • RIVS is our assessment technology partner.
  • Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) is providing linkages to additional regional partnerships, federal elected officials, and Kentucky business leaders who are supportive of the effort.

TEKY applicants must live in specific Kentucky counties to be considered. What counties are included?

Bell, Breathitt, Carter, Clay, Elliott, Floyd, Harlan, Jackson, Johnson, Knott, Knox, Lawrence, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Magoffin, Menifee, Morgan, Owsley, Perry, Pike, Wolf.

How many people will be accepted into the Interapt/TEKY internship program?

The first internship program will be two groups of 25 interns (50 interns total).  Additional rounds of internships will be offered following the initial program.  The current plan is to provide seven additional rounds of internships over four years, totaling 400 enrollees.

What knowledge is needed?

A knowledge of grade-school mathematics is required.  You should be comfortable working with:

  • simple mathematical equations that include operator precedence
  • the associative, commutative, and distributive properties
  • simple functions such as f(x) = x + 3

Our curriculum partner Eleven Fifty recommends reviewing the first 3 weeks of Stanford’s Online CS101 course.