Interapt Foundation

Growing the Innovation Workforce

The Interapt Foundation is dedicated to supporting a new generation of high-demand workers by teaching the skill sets needed to compete in the global economy, while also building talent density to address the unique challenges of rural areas caused by their geography, proximity to viable employers, and lack of available training.  We focus on collaborating through partnerships to build a paradigm-shifting technology ecosystem that elevates the competitiveness of our region’s industries, workforce, and communities.


The U.S. Department of Labor estimates nearly 2 out of 3 college graduates in 2020 have the skills needed to work in newly-formed technology jobs. A shortage of highly-educated talent, combined with substantial job losses within traditional manufacturing industries, has made it imperative to forge new opportunities for workforce training and economic development in rural communities.  A long-term vision and plan that brings together education, government, philanthropy, and the private industry will ensure our communities and citizens grow and thrive in the coming years.


TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY)

TEKY is a workforce initiative oriented around a paid training and hiring program. Participants engage with instructors to successfully complete a proprietary curriculum that covers the latest programming languages and technologies being used to develop cutting-edge mobile and wearable solutions.

Center of Excellence

The Interapt Center of Excellence will be the cornerstone of all Interapt Foundation initiatives, designed as a central hub for entrepreneurs, programmers, and creatives interested in technological innovation and education. The Center’s facilities, along with our training and workforce programs, will house new and existing locally-based businesses, providing the local workforce a central location to pursue new ventures and projects that drive economic disruption, growth, and sustainability.