About Interapt

Interapt is your innovation partner. We help the world’s top organizations develop and implement innovative workforce technology that helps their companies work better.

Today, every company is faced with the challenge of becoming a ‘tech company’ and we’re here to help.

That’s why we’re here to help you: Because useful, reliable, and effective high-tech solutions are no longer merely an extension of a business—they play an important role in any successful business growth strategy.

For the past seven years and counting, Interapt has proven that great technology can be built outside of Silicon Valley. Our enterprise solutions include a mix of mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, wearables, and other connected devices.

Our expertise focuses on how new technologies in the workplace can enrich customer and employee engagement, solve operational challenges, and secure new opportunities. We’ve partnered with leading brands throughout the Fortune 500 and representing workforce-driven industries like manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and hospitality.


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We’re helping some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations work better with our suite of workforce engagement products.


When it’s time to create a custom solution to your organizational challenge, we’re here for you with the brightest talent in tech: product strategists, designers and developers. Our team is built to innovate – is yours?


We’re proud to be considered a pioneer into rural insourcing with our technology training program in Eastern Kentucky, TechHire KY (TEKY), and can help bring innovation to your region.